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Scratch Bakery Wholesale:  We offer the best pastries and cookies and overall experience to supply your coffee shop or restaurant with bakery items in Kansas City.  We deliver 363 days a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas Day we do not deliver).  We have a brand new baking facility located downtown Kansas City, offer delivery and the customer service that is unbeatable.  Our goal is not to sell you pastries, our goal is to create a lasting business relationship and create and sell product that will take your business to another level.  Our pastry team and executive staff care deeply about our clients. 

If you own or manage a space, we would love to meet with you and have you to our space to look at our facility and what we do. 
We can provide samples, a wholesale menu list and prices once we have the opportunity to meet.


The Factory

Our space is located in an old shoe factory that is a part of the historic SoHo Garment District of downtown Kansas City.  Next to us is the former 'Old Spaghetti Factory'.  We provide high quality products on a simple menu so we can provide you with the best products and experience.  We have a great space and concept that you will love and want to experience time and time again.

The Factory by morning is a local coffee shop.  We provide high quality, scratch-made pastries and cookies from Scratch Bakery KC.  You can also take part in our breakfast menu daily (our breakfast wraps are very popular.)  We also have fresh made to order juice and lunch provided daily. 

Thank you for visiting!  We look forward to serving you.

Scratch Bakery KC | The Kansas City Baking Company

Baking Facility and Offices
1250 Burlington St.

N Kansas City, MO 64116


Operations Manager

Connor Daily


Bakery Manager

Krystal Parton


Owner / Operator

Brad Killen